The U.S. Department of Education and the State of Virginia agree investing into a child’s early learning education can close the achievement gap that starts before kindergarten.

Shapes, numbers, alphabet, colors and alphabet sounds (SNACS) are the five early learning subjects children recognize and comprehend to prepare for kindergarten and beyond. When we think about preparing for our children’s academic future, three factors always come to mind: family involvement, extracurricular (physical) activity and early education.

Whether you are a working or stay at home parent, you have one thing in common, you want to be involved in your child’s early learning process.

Meet SNACS by 5


Both edition has all 5 SNACS subjects: shapes, numbers, colors and sounds.

Each subject is divided into 3-5 sets different color-coded sets for easy learning and to simplify organization.

SNACS by 5: Colors Card Game:  Age: 2 and up.


SNACS by 5: Shapes Card Game:  Age: 2 and up.


SNACS by 5: Numbers Card Game:  Age: 3 and up.


SNACS by 5: Alphabet and Sounds Card Game:  Age: 2 and up.