Alphabet Game


2 players:  Select 1 set to play.

3 or + players:  Combine 2 or more sets from subject to play.

Start with uppercase letters only.  Match letters or colors to the discard pile and say the letter played aloud at every turn.  After uppercase Set Red is mastered, repeat with Set Blue, Green, Orange and Purple.  Then teach lowercase by using lowercase letters in set only.

Here’s how to play Alphabet Card Game.  In video, Uppercase Set Red is played.  CHALLENGE: Finger trace letters during play.


Alphabetize teaches letter’s order.  Before or After teaches letter placement.

Here’s how to play Alphabetize.


Here’s how to play Before or After.  How to play both is demonstrated below.  You only need to play one, choose between BEFORE or AFTER.


Teach your child to strategize their next move by paying attention to their cards and the opponent’s cards.  Have your child ask, “Which letter and color do I have that the other player does not have?”.  Once the answer is figured out, have your child play that card.  This will force opponent to pick up/draw a new card.  Continue this strategy until a player wins.